At Campello Surf Club we offer you the alternative party you are looking for!

You can choose among a wide variety of activities that will make a difference. We will carry out different activities to ensure you spend an awesome day. As our guest, you will enjoy personalized attention.

What activities do we offer? depending on sea conditions we will play with the waves or the calm sea.
We will practice Surf, Bodyboard, Stand Up Paddle (SUP), Kayak, Big Sup (giant board for up to 14 people) or snorkel in the area of Los Baños de la Reina (Queen’s Baths)

Activities are planned for groups of friends, companies, schools, bachelor parties and any other type of celebration.

What is included?

  • Qualified instructors.
  • All the necessary equipment to carry out the activity.
  • Photo report. (Optional, consult us please).
  • Civil liability and accident insurance.
  • 2 hours activities.

Whatwill you need?

Sunscreen, swimwear and looking forward to have lots of fun.

What do you have to bring?

• Come with sports and comfortable clothes.
• Put on sunscreen face, arms and legs about 20 minutes before starting the activity, if you do it in our establishment you have to apply it outside of it.
• If you have a sun protection shirt, better known as lycra, you can bring it, otherwise we will leave it for you.
• The belongings stay in our establishment so bring a bag or backpack big enough to put everything in, so that nothing is left out and can be closed. Do not bring valuables or carry belongings that could fall when carrying out the activities and be lost in the sea (watches, glasses, bracelets,…)
• The footwear is kept in the bag or backpack or left outside our establishment. • We do not have toilets or changing rooms or showers.
• It is not possible to access our establishment barefoot, wet or sandy, if you need your belongings or anything else from us, ask us from the entrance.




Groups of 6 to 10 people
Group of 11 to 20 people
Groups of 20 or more

Availability and reservation

Leave us your contact information and availability so we can get in touch with you when weather conditions are optimal for practicing this sport.