If you would like to start out in water activities,with flat and calm sea, kayaking in our single or double kayaks is a very good option.

Kayaking allows you to move faster, thus you will be able to go on excursions to Los Baños de la Reina (the Queen’s Pool), La Cova del LlopMarí (the Sea Lion’sCave), Barranco de Aigües, etc.

The course duration will be 2 hours, and a monitor will initiate and guide you throughout the journey.

As in all our activities, and in order to offer our clients totally personalized attention, groups will consist of a maximum 5 students per instructor.

All necessary equipment is included in this activity: kayak, paddle, solar licra and vest, as well as qualified instructor, and liability and accident insurance.


If you come alone, don’t worry, we will include you in a suitable group for you.

Groups: 2 to 5 people per instructor



2 hour course single kayak
2 hour course double kayak
Session’s photographs per person

Availability and reservation

Leave us your contact information and availability so we can get in touch with you when weather conditions are optimal for practicing this sport.

We will contact you at least 1 day in advance.