Would you like to surf without waves? Try our Carver courses and learn to surf the asphalt.

Carvers are skateboards that will help you enhance your surf learning.You will learn to speed up your surfboard and start drawing your first lines.It is the best way to work on positioning and body support of each movement and maneuver out of the water.

With Carver, the feeling is very similar to that of surfing, and it is highly recognized by great professional surfers such as Josh Kerr, Taylor Knox, JM Cabrera, Axi Muniain and Guillermo Carracedo among many others.

Introductory and advanced courses are taught with a range of 5 students per instructor to ensure fully personalized teaching.

Courses include equipment, qualified instructor, and liability insurance.

* Accident insurance (optional): € 5
* Optional photography service: € 10 session.

Carver course


  • Board correct position and balance.
  • Basic pumping.
  • Draw broad lines.
  • Closed turns.


If you come alone, don’t worry, we will include you in a suitable group for you.

Groups: 2 to 5 people per instructor



1-hour course
5 sessions voucher*, 1 hour each session
Session’s photographs per person

Private classes



1 ½ hour course
5 sessions voucher*, 1 ½ hours each session
Session’s photographs per person

Availability and reservation

Leave us your contact information and availability so we can get in touch with you when weather conditions are optimal for practicing this sport.

We will contact you at least 1 day in advance.